Case Study

Dexterity Capital

Dexterity Capital is an algorithmic high-frequency trading firm focused on digital asset markets. Their algorithmic execution engine trades billions of dollars daily across the cryptocurrency landscape.

The Brief

To continue Dexterity’s growth, reduce the latency of HFT trading and improve its proprietary software, Dexterity sought a new team to work from its San Francisco offices. A High-Frequency Trading Systems Lead supported by a Core Software Engineer was needed.

The vision for these hires was to lead the growth of Dexterity’s low-latency trading systems and architecting networking solutions for inter-region strategy communications. They would also execute a migration to a GC-free system and design and implement a trade gateway framework.Several requirements were established from the outset which would challenge the success of the hiring process. San Francisco sees little to no non-compete laws, meaning security, IP and retaining staff locally are of the utmost importance. Security would remain at the forefront of communication throughout the hiring process.

Although the software community have a keen preference to working from home or in a hybrid capacity, Dexterity sought a specialist who would work on site 5-days a week. As the roles would both entail working with front office staff, it was felt staff working on site would benefit and make for a more cohesive team.

The Solution

Goliath Partners worked closely with several Partners, Directors, and Senior Management at Dexterity to understand Dexterity’s employer brand, culture, growth, and succession plans. This project scoping formed the basis of our hiring strategy, along with understanding the skills and experience needed.

Knowledge of the marketplace was pivotal, and the first steps involved utilizing our best-in-class tech stack to map the market to locate Talent who have experience in a Trading SME, are qualified and are in the top 1% of Talent.

It would also help identify and headhunt relevant passive candidates who are not visible to the market. Searching through Goliath Partners’ active talent pools, allowed us to leverage our relationships with some of the industries best talent and understand if they would be open to a new opportunity.

The Result

Goliath Partners successfully found and secured Talent for each open vacancy:

Acting quickly due to the competing offer and the candidates family commitments in Budapest, left only 4 business days to complete the interview process and the three software engineering tests. Working with both the candidate and client to ensure a smooth process in this tight time frame resulted in a successful hire.

Let's talk

Sourcing specialized professionals across equities, options, fixed income and crypto is no mean feat. Better yet, retaining the best Talent can become a challenge, and this is where Goliath Partners can help you.

If you require consultancy on your hiring processes or would like Goliath Partners to undertake a hiring campaign on your behalf, please do not hesitate to call us on (305) 910-0154.

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